Alta Pro 2+ Bundle #1: - Alta Pro 2+ 264AT Tripod, Alta BH-100 Ball Head, Extra QS-60 v2

Alta Pro 2+ Bundle #1: - Alta Pro 2+ 264AT Tripod, Alta BH-100 Ball Head, Extra QS-60 v2

Item: BUNDLE - ALTA PRO 2+ 264AT, ALTA BH-100 & QS-60v2 BDL

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This exclusive bundle includes:

Alta Pro 2+ 264AT Aluminum Tripod Key Features:

The Vanguard ALTA PRO 2+ 264AT is the ultimate performance tripod, guaranteed to flawlessly support not only your camera, but also your creative workflow.

MACC (Multi-Angle Center Column System) with a unique quick-action center column. Enjoy quick, simple, and intuitive twist-and-lock positioning at any angle of 15° steps. Range rotation of -90° to +90° supports your unlimited creativity, while significantly improving results in any field of photography, landscape to macro.

Central Column & Lock Mechanism: Our mechanism offers one-handed, effortlessly smooth operation and rapid-action setup, while our unique hexagonal central column ensures enhanced rigidity and stability.

Leg Angle Selector: Achieve perfect positioning and balance to match any working terrain by using the strong and steady 4-angle leg-setting options of 20°, 40°, 60°, or 80°

Advanced Twist-Lock: Ultra-fast 35° turn to “lock” or “unlock” ensures instant leg extension/contraction.

ALTA Link: the tripod canopy is fitted with a 3/8 threaded connector, which allows easy connection to additional accessories, such as lighting equipment and articulated or flexible arms, thus linking you to incredible new creative possibilities.

Superb Build Quality: Manufactured with first-rate materials, this solid performance tripod is sturdy and lightweight.

Alta BH-100 Ball Head:

The Vanguard ALTA BH-100 is a multi-action ball head that features three independent knob adjustments. The micro-adjustment fine-tuning knob gives you total control over ball friction for precise adjustments when composing your images. Need to reposition your camera quickly, easily, and accurately? The main locking knob has an easy-to-grip lever that's oversized and can be repositioned for comfortable use. The Alta BH-100 has a durable aircraft-aluminum housing, weighs only a pound, and features a 22-lb. payload. Plus, you get 2 bubble levels for precision adjustments, a universal 38mm Arca-compatible plate with a D-ring 1/4” screw (QS-60 V2), as well as a built-in safety pin to prevent the risk of accidentally releasing your camera. The Alta BH-100 provides totally secure locking, so your gear stays in place, no matter the angle. An oxidization-anodized surface on the ball ensures it will remain scratch-free and provide ultra-smooth and precise movements.

QS-60v2 Quick-Release Plate:

The Vanguard QS-60 V2 Quick Shoe is a handy accessory that speeds up attachment and detachment to and from your tripod. Featuring an Arca-compatible design, 1/4" camera screw, and anti-slip rubber pads, this accessory provides a solid and steady linkage in just seconds. It works especially well with a variety of Vanguard products.

Having the same number of quick release shoes as the number of cameras or scopes in use ensures you can rapidly change equipment with minimal fuss, essential for the professional or advanced amateur photographer.

Compatible with the following Vanguard products:
Alta Pro 2 / 2+ Tripod Heads, as well as any Arca-compatible heads.