Endeavor Sunshade for 50mm RS Rifle Scopes

Endeavor Sunshade for 50mm RS Rifle Scopes

Item: 50MM RS Sunshade

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Quality materials and pinnacle design unite to deliver the best riflescope accessories.  Maximize your efficiency and effectiveness with the new assortment of Endeavor riflescope accessories to compliment your riflescope.

50MM Sunshade

  • Matte Black
  • 50MM
  • Fits on RS IV 4-16X50 and RS IV 5-20X50 Models
  • 5 Inches Long
  • Reduces Glare From Sun
  • Reduces Glint Off Objective Lens
  • Allows for Better Shooting in Bright Daylight Conditions
  • Improves Target Visibility
  • Perfect for the Varmint and Predator Hunter or Target Shooter
  • Helps Protect Objective Lens
  • Designed and Made by Vanguard


Appealing to the hunter and sport shooter who understands that success is attained by equipment that is optimized for the application.  The Endeavor Riflescope accessories are constructed from the highest quality materials to handle whatever is thrown at them. 

Designed and made by Vanguard; The Endeavor 50MM Sunshade is the adept addition to the Endeavor RS IV 4-16X50 and the RS IV 5-20X50 Models.  A perfect solution for the varmint and predator hunter or the precision target shooter to reduce glare from the sun and improve target visibility while allowing for better shooting in bright daylight conditions.  The sunshade is manufactured from aluminum alloy and only weighs 2.6 oz.  Total length is 2.5 inches long with an anodized matte black surface that also protects the front surface of the objective lens. The Vanguard 50MM sunshade also helps to reduce glint off the front objective lens surface to prevent unwantedly spooking your target.