Benelli the Amazing Pheasant Hunting Vizsla!

Benelli the Amazing Pheasant Hunting Vizsla!

January 31, 2017

Hunting Pheasants With A Vizsla

What started off as being another typical Friday quickly changed, as the team decided to do something different this past weekend. Once everyone was out of work Friday we had a group call and decided that Saturday we were going to go pheasant hunting.

Saturday morning 0630 the alarm goes off.  I quickly gather my shotgun, camera, shells, and head over to pick up my father.  As we head over to Chad and Laura's house the temp is reading 18 degrees outside. Winter is back in full swing.

Once at Chad and Laura's, we pack everything up and head out to the Ann Arbor area to get in some upland training for Chad and Laura's dog Benelli.  After an hour drive, we arrive at our destination.  The first start to the day was warming up and shooting some clay targets.

IMG_1843Once we were on our A-games we decided it was time to start the hunt.  If you have never been pheasant hunting, it is an up-close, in-your-face adventure.  The pure adrenalin rush from a bird taking flight at the base of your feet in heavy cover is enough to get the blood flowing.

IMG_1858We hit the first field and within minutes Benelli was on point.  Laura and Chad kicked the brush pile, while Carvin and Bob readied for the shot. The Rooster cackles as it takes flight into the cold, crisp, snow flurried sky of late January. Bob and Carvin click their safety off and BOOM! BOOM!  Two shots ring out…..bird down!!!

One of the best all around packs our team has ever used!!!

IMG_1930If you have never gotten the opportunity to watch a pointer dog lock-on point and then retrieve a bird, you are missing out. This dog was one of the best dogs I have ever been able to hunt behind.

IMG_1934All in all, Benelli had an awesome day, and for the next two hours put Experience Wild's team on multiple birds. This was also an amazing day because I got the opportunity not just to hunt with my best friends, but to be able to hunt beside my father.


Benelli with an amazing retrieve after Chad lays the hammer down on a beautiful pheasant!

Team member Chad posing with his vizsla Benelli after an awesome day upland hunting.

Thanks for reading!

- Chris Mcgee, Experience Wild

(( Vanguard would like to thank, Experience Wild, and everyone associated with this hunt! ))