Ruzdy Ruzzell (Set to Autofocus)

Ruzdy Ruzzell (Set to Autofocus)

June 14, 2023

Ruzdy Ruzzell is a professional freelance and contract photographer with over 25+ yrs. in the industry. His expertise spans numerous genres, including: abstract, aerial, architectural, bird species, corporate, documentary, event, fashion, flower, food, hotel, macro, medical, news, politics, portrait, sports, street, and wedding photography.

As owner of Set To Autofocus Photography, his bags are always packed awaiting his next adventure to create his next visual storytelling vlog episode.

From childhood film adventures to mesmerizing macro images and breathtaking wildlife photos, Ruzdy's transition over the past 25+ years, from 35mm to DSLR to the mirrorless camera realm, showcases his boundless creativity. Throughout his notable career, Ruzdy has merged with industry-leading companies, preserving his stunning visuals worldwide.

In addition to being a notable professional photographer, Ruzdy is a digital content creator and captivating presentation speaker. He educates and inspires others to embrace photography as a way to enjoy nature and the outdoors. Through his craft of educational storytelling, he also creates vlogs to inform others of what cameras, gear and products, by his choice, are the best available on the market.

In his free time, he is an avid hobbyist cinematographer capturing stunning content of birds and wildlife images of nature. He is also an active outdoorsman. Ruzdy exclusively uses Vanguard's tripods by his choice, as he has stated, “Vanguard tripods are the only stable tripods on the market with continued innovative technology and are as stable as an oak tree.”

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