VEO CSM DLX Directional Cold Shoe Mount

VEO CSM DLX Directional Cold Shoe Mount


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The VEO CSM DLX Directional Cold Shoe Mount allows you to attach any accessory with a 1/4" thread hole to the hot shoe mount on your camera, using a magnet quick-attach system.

  • Fits any camera hot shoe mount
  • Attach the 1/4" magnet to the base of the accessory for quick setup/release
  • Bottom rotating wheel ensures a tight grip with the hot shoe mount
  • Angle can be adjusted +90° to -90°
  • 1.2" wide x 2" tall
  • 1/4" thread hole on base
  • CNC-machined aluminium

Can be used with Vanguard's Tripod Support Arms or Tablet Connector.

Product Reviews:

The VEO CSM DLX is a more versatile cold shoe mount that allows you to mount accessories with a 1/4" thread hole to the flash gun mount on your camera, or any other accessory with a cold shoe mount fitting.

To attach to your camera, simply slot into the hot shoe mount and tighten the lower disc, tightening with the Allen key provided for the most solid grip possible. 

To attach it to your accessory, simply remove the magnet and screw it into the base of your accessory. This can then be left on the accessory and simply slotted into the VEO CSM DLX when needed.  

This cold show mount can then be adjusted 0-180° (+90° to -90°) to get the optimal position, and the movement can be tightened or loosened using the Allen key provided.

Alternatively, using the magnet, you can attach your accessory to any metallic surface to hold the accessory, though take care to ensure the accessory is not too heavy.

On the base there is also a 1/4" thread, allowing it to be attached to any suitable support arm, such as the Vanguard Tripod Support Arms.

Accessory Attachment Points 1 1
Adjustable YES YES
Adjustability Range +90° to -90° +90° to -90°
Base Attachment Cold Shoe Mount or 1/4" Thread Cold Shoe Mount or 1/4" Thread
Dimensions 1.2" x 2" 31 mm x 50 mm
Material Aluminum Aluminum
Product Type Cold Shoe Mount Cold Shoe Mount